A Transcription Company offers fast, accurate, timely
and dependable transcription all across North America.
Our reputation speaks for itself. We offer unsurpassed
service and reliability from highly trained professionals
at affordable prices. Transcription is our business and we
strive to meet the highest standards possible, that
includes file security. No account is too large or too small
for us to handle. Our specialties are law enforcement
audio and video, private investigator audio and video and
film production audio and video. Transcripts can be
prepared for court and certified by our transcribers. Film
production video can be time coded from embedded time
codes. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a
week.  If we do not answer when you call, we will call
back within the hour. A project can be turned around in
as little as two hours depending on file length. Hard
copies and CDs can be provided to accompany email or
FTP return of transcripts. Call us today for a no
obligation quote. 404.379.1125